The Challenges Facing Liquid Blending Equipment Systems

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Beverages

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For the food and beverage processing industry, times have never been so challenging. A barrage of expectations is assaulting them. Customers, shareholders and legislative bodies all expect the company to listen and meet their demands. Processing companies have to provide safe, cost-effective, efficient high quality and consumer grabbing drinks. To achieve this, they rely on the technology at hand including liquid blending equipment.

Blending: A Core Area of Beverage Processing

Blending is the process in beverage processing that mixes together, or blends the various liquids and powders to produce the product. Powders, granules, concentrates and liquids combine together, dependent upon the technology and the intended result. The ongoing demand for unique and highly individualized specialty drinks is increasing. This requires changes in formulation. It may also result in the need to produce smaller batches.

Blending correctly to meet the demands of regular and specialty beverages is the object of technology. Even batch brite tanks in which traditional blending still occurs is updated with technological innovations to ensure improve continuity and quality results. Online blending systems remove much of the doubt and work to improve overall consistency and cost-effectiveness. Yet, no matter what the system, liquid blending equipment faces certain challenges.

The Diverse Challenges for Liquid Blending Systems

Demands made on liquid blending systems are diverse. They range the gamut from simple to complex. Among the most common issues and concerns are:

  • Ingredient management
  • Flexibility
  • Responsive to lot changes and able to achieve custom solutions
  • Consistent quality
  • Reduction in potential operator error
  • Combining the existing technology with automation
  • Computer compatibility
  • Safety of the ingredients, the product and the employees

The ability of any current and emerging technology to address these concerns is imperative if the beverage processing industry is to respond to its critics. Solutions are critical if a company is to forge ahead in what is the complex of blending and processing desirable drinks for public consumption.

Liquid Blending Equipment: Meeting Industry Challenges

Liquid beverages are growing in popularity. They range from the traditional sodas or soft drinks to high-energy and liquid nutritional drinks. To ensure the drinks meet all standards – governmental, customer and shareholder, it is important to consider carefully the available equipment. In order to decrease any inefficiencies without sacrificing quality or safety, companies look at all the components comprising their processing equipment. Of paramount importance is to find and install the right liquid blending equipment – automated or manual, traditional tank or inline, which will satisfy all involved individuals.