The Best Places You Can Practice Yoga in Cool Settings

As a yogi, you know well that practicing yoga is much more that just a way to exercise your body. The practice of yoga is a spiritual, mental, and physical journey that connects you to something deeper. However, you may have grown a bit bored of practicing in your living room or local yoga studio. To help you expand, we’ve put together this list of the coolest place your can practice yoga.

Yoga in the Sky

Although yoga is often about connecting to the earth, why not connect to the sky? 360 CHICAGO is located way up on the 94th floor of the famous John Hancock Center. There, you can take a cool 360 sky yoga class where you are guided through your practice among the clouds and beautiful city views. To learn how you can experience 360 sky yoga.

Yoga at the Taj Mahal

If you’re up for a true journey of the mind and body, then you can travel to India where yoga was created. At the Taj Mahal, you are able to experience a soul-enhancing yoga practice that is led by a local yogi.

Yoga in the Desert

Another great place to grow your yoga practice is Sedona, Arizona. Known for its confluence of mystical energy and natural energy, you can recharge your spirit by practicing within in a limitless desert landscape.

Yoga on the Water

There are several areas around the world where you can create a connection to water through the movement of your body. In Toronto, you can practice yoga right on the river, and in Mexico, you can paddle board out into the wide ocean where you can complete your favorite vinyasa.

If you are interested in a unique yoga experience, please visit 360 CHICAGO.

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