The Best Content Curation Tools Reliably Build Site Traffic

by | Mar 5, 2014 | Computers

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Increasing site traffic is crucial for the success of today’s web-based businesses. Google, Yahoo and other search engines are continually changing filtering systems to thwart the efforts of low quality sites to dominate search results. Of course those changes often disrupt the marketing efforts of even the best companies, as the algorithms employed by Google and others can inadvertently snare quality content providers as well. As top search engines evolve, businesses must also change to stay on top of their marketing niches.


Staying at the top of Google’s rankings is difficult, but there are trends that successfully allow savvy businesses to consistently improve their site rankings. Perhaps the most important step any business needs to take to achieve high search ranking is to produce content frequently. Of course the content must also be valuable to consumers, or the site will quickly suffer. The problem is that constantly writing fresh content from scratch can be exceedingly time consuming. The solution for many site managers is to include curated content.


Using curated content provides multiple benefits. First, it allows businesses to provide fresh content frequently, which Google and other search engines want to see. However, posting frequently alone is not enough – the posts must be relevant to site vistitors. The best content curation tools help posters to identify and use information that is relevant to site visitors. In addition, providing quality information curated from other reliable sources not only interests visitors, it also tends to draw them back to the site.


Another huge advantage of utilizing curation tools is that they aid in generating backlinks. Top software producers in the field like CurationSoft ( generate pingbacks to produce backlinks, which quickly increases relevance. This type of feature is incredibly effective, and produces ranking benefits rapidly without having to comment directly to every site information is collected from.


The best content curation tools, using simple drag and drop features, save hours of time for anyone seeking to enhance their web presence. In addition, curation effectively creates an image of authority for sites compiling information. While content curation does not eliminate the need for original content, it is a valuable tool for increasing site rankings quickly and then maintaining that ranking.