The Best Bakery Products You Don’t Normally Think Of

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Bakeries

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Bakery is synonymous with home. Nothing brings grandma’s baking to memory than walking into a hometown bakery. If you can bake it, it’ll be at the bakery. Cakes, macarons, cannoli, pastries, Danish, or cookies, the bakery is the place to go. The best bakery products are the specialty items. All bakeries have a signature taste that will draw you back for more.


You want to taste something that is different from the rest. Bakeries offer fresh, new, inventive tastes to satiate every sweet tooth. Not all bakery products are sweet; you can find homemade bread and pretzels at a bakery as well. Most bakeries get their bread frozen and in mass quantity, home bakers make fresh products every day.


Bakery cookies are not your average cookies; they are generous with sugar and will test your imagination. Red velvet macadamia cookies to chocolate chip anything you want they can create. Press two cookies together with your favorite filling to create a Super Cookie. Bakeries are always looking for new recipes and invite anyone to challenge them with an idea and they’ll bring it to life.
Small French macarons are a bakery favorite made from ground almonds. Varying from coconut macarons which are usually dipped in chocolate to French macaron made with pure icing sugar. Cannolis are an Italian favorite filled with light fluffy crème that only a baker can master.


Cakes are the classic bakery item. Every event calls for a cake and you can get inventive as you want. There are many types and flavors. Pecan chiffon is a vintage cake drizzled with maple syrup that was popularized as the “new cake in 100 years,” and is a great cake to compliment any brunch/lunch setting. Burnt almond torte is one of the best cakes ever invented. It is beyond light and airy, described as “stuffing a cloud in your mouth and eating it.” Any cake is possible at the bakery.


The best bakery products have the same care and attention in every product. Any good bakery will stand behind their guarantee to satisfy their customers. Enjoy fresh products today.