The Benefits of Temporary Fence Rentals in Chicago

There are many reasons why people choose to have temporary fencing installed. It may be that they are hosting a special event, and want to have additional security. It is also often used around construction sites. When one needs to have a fence, but only for a short period of time, it just doesn’t make any sense for them to spend money on a permanent fence that is only going to end up being torn down anyway. Renting a fence is much more economical, and it can be set up and removed according to the customer’s needs.


Many construction companies choose temporary Fence Rentals in Chicago. This is because they can use the fencing to keep trespassers off the property while work is being done. Not only is this important in order to prevent theft and vandalism, it is also important because it helps to keep people safe. For instance, many kids love to play around construction sites, which can be extremely dangerous. When there is temporary fencing in place, it makes it much more difficult for anyone to get onto the work site and end up being injured.


There are many different types of temporary fencing available, depending on the needs of the customer. Some of the available styles include:


     *     Post-Driven Chain Link Fence -: This is available in six or eight foot heights, and has diamond mesh that is too small for people to be able to get toe holds for climbing. The posts are sturdy, and are placed two feet in the ground.


     *     Panel Fence -: This is chain link fencing that is in 6X12 or 8X10 panels. This fencing is placed on stands, and there is nothing pounded into the ground. Often, sand bags are used to make these fences sturdier.


     *     Silt Fence -: These are used to help protect local water quality around construction sites. It is made from synthetic fabric that filters the water, removing the impurities.

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