The Benefits of Laying an Artificial Lawn in Tampa Bay

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Lawn Care Service, Lawns

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Keeping a lawn looking healthy and beautiful takes a lot of work and a lot of time. If you have had it with constant watering, mowing, applying fertilizer and weed killers, then an artificial lawn in Tampa Bay is the perfect solution. Artificial grass has gotten a lot better than when it was first introduced in 1965. Since then it has gone through numerous development phases to the point where the material looks and feels like the “real thing.” If you are considering installing an artificial lawn poolside or over the entire area, you will be happy with the results; maintenance-free beauty.

Perfect for Area of Heavy Usage

There are certain areas around the home where live lawns suffer from heavy traffic. Play areas for the kids, around the pool and even in dog runs are perfect candidates for an artificial lawn. By laying an artificial surface, you not only greatly improve the look of the area, it certainly cuts down on the amount of dirt and mud that otherwise would be tracked into the house.

Great for Extreme Climates

Trying to keep real grass looking good in areas of the country that gets a great deal of sunshine but limited rainfall is a hard job. Keeping real grass looking good takes a lot of money; at times, it is simply impossible to do it. You can eliminate all these problems by replacing your lawns with artificial grass.

Save Money with an Artificial Lawn

An artificial lawn in Tampa Bay can easily last 20 years or more before they need to be replaced. Looking at it from strictly cost of ownership, you will realize that installing an artificial lawn makes financial sense. When you total all the costs incurred to keep real grass alive and healthy over 20 years, you will quickly see that an artificial lawn has both aesthetic and financial benefits. For more information visit EasyTurf.