The Benefits Of Investing In A Chainsaw Lumber Mill

When it comes to working with large-sized logs, using a chainsaw lumber mill to split the logs into workable and manageable sizes for processing is always an important factor. Choosing the best equipment for this rugged and often difficult task is essential, with the need for a reliable, flexible and efficient system a key part of the selection process.

Choosing a proven brand name in chainsaw lumber mill should be a priority. These saws are not always the lowest cost option on the market, but they offer several advantages that cheaper saws do not. Taking a closer look at the difference in design, construction and the options and features between the top quality and the cheaper options provides insight into the advantages of going with quality.

Log Handling Ability

The saws need to be effective at making a straight cut through oversized logs. The design of the system needs to support the cutting chain as it moves horizontally through the log. An overhead support system provides this level of precise cutting technology, and with hydraulic control, it is easy for the operator to control the cutting process.

Automatic bar oiler systems and a dual carriage chain system to feed the chain in the cutting process also provides a durable and reliable option in cutting. With the ability to manage logs up to 20 feet and as big as 60 inches in diameter, a chainsaw lumber mill is effective in handling most logs to the yard. However, some companies offer customized options to increase the handling capacity of the equipment. Both hydraulic and gas powered systems may be available from the manufacturer, allowing you to customize the system for your needs.

Safety for the operator is also a consideration. Look for systems that offer practical solutions for safety such as remote operation or protected operator spaces on the equipment.

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