The Benefits Of Collagen Treatment For The Face

When it comes to creating healthy, youthful looking skin, one of the most popular options in spas, salons and treatment offices in the Destin, FL, area is a collagen treatment for the face. This is not the same as injections of collagen, which are often used to pump up the skin and to enhance the look of specific areas of the face, such as the cheekbones, that can become hollowed out as a person ages.

The choice of a collagen treatment for the face is a good option for anyone who wants to provide a boost to the natural tone and tightness of the skin. This reduces the signs of fine lines and wrinkles and produces a smoother, hydrated look to the skin that is very youthful in appearance. The topically applied collagen works with your body to increase skin elasticity and smoothness.


The specifics of each type of collagen treatment for the face varies slightly, with different spas and salons offering various options in both the pre-treatment as well as the collagen application process.

In general, the first step is to clean the skin. This is often done through a chemical scrub, or it may be done with one or more types of exfoliation methods to remove all dead or dry skin cells from the surface.

After this is completed, the collagen treatment for the face is applied. This is done topically, and it is a very relaxing process. The collagen is then left on the skin for a specific amount of time to allow the proteins to be absorbed into the skin.

Collagen is naturally lost as people age. To keep restoring the collagen, regular treatments can be scheduled to keep supplementing your body’s production. The professional completing the treatment can provide a recommended schedule for your next visit to the Destin, FL, salon.

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