The Benefits of Choosing High Quality Wood Flooring Options

Despite the fact that the flooring industry now offers hundreds of material choices, wood is still one of the most sought after materials. That is because, when customers choose from among High Quality Wood Flooring options, they get a range of unparalleled benefits that include:


1. STYLE:  Few materials add elegance and value to a home as quickly as wood; and none of them provide quite the same warmth. Homes with wood floors have a welcoming feel. Wood also matches any decor, and never goes out of style. In addition, the various grains, knots, and other characteristics allow homeowners to create anything from a rustic theme to a smooth, sophisticated style.


2. VALUE:  Despite the fact that many High Quality Wood Flooring options are more expensive that alternative materials, they remain popular. That is because wood floors often outlast the home itself. Even after many years of hard use, wood can be refinished and it will look like new. It also makes homes more attractive to buyers, who often put it at the top of their “must have” list.


3. VARIETY:  Flooring professionals, such as Red Mountain Carpet and Tile, can offer customers a huge variety of wood flooring choices, because many species are used to create materials. Professionals often assist clients by providing a gallery online, at sites such as There they can view hardwood options that include cherry, hickory, maple, oak, walnut, and more. Clients may also choose engineered or solid flooring, in a variety of widths and thicknesses. Woods are available in reds and browns, and can have either hand scraped or smooth appearances. Flooring contractors also offer a variety of exotics that come from all over the world. The huge variety of woods that is now available allows buyers to find the exact style they want, at a budget-friendly price.


4. MAINTENANCE:  Modern wood floors are sealed during installation, making them simple to keep clean. Professionals apply multiple coats of highly durable urethane sealants that create a hard, scuff resistant surface. Treated surfaces also do not absorb grime, pet hairs, dust, and pollutants the way that carpeting does, making them healthier for allergy sufferers.


Quality wood flooring remains a popular choice, because it offers beauty, value, and decorating variety. In addition, wood floors never go out of style, are easy to  maintain, and make it easier to keep a healthy home.


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