The Benefits of Cannabis in White Chocolate in Edmonds WA

The crossbreed variant of cannabis known as Cherry Pie was created in California. It is a genetic cross between two popular variants known as Durban Poison and Grand Daddy Purple. It gets its name from the fact that it smells and tastes like that delicious dessert cherry pie in Edmonds WA. Users of the plant report a very good all-around high that relaxes the user. They can still function and go about their daily tasks, but it is also great for those who are using it for medicinal purposes. It has excellent pain-relief properties.

Recreational Usage

For those people who are using this strain of pot to get high, they should know that it tends to favor the body a bit more than the head. The high has been reported to be a “slow creeper,” making the user feel progressively more relaxed while adding a small amount of pressure to the sinuses. Many users have reported feeling like their anxieties or stressors simply float away as their breathing becomes very deep and easy. As is usual with Sativa strains, the hallucinatory effects can be very subtle but still very noticeable. Visual stimulation can become markedly more intense while random thoughts can have the user dwelling on them as well.

Medicinal Usage

For those users who engage with this drug for its medicinal properties, they can expect a host of benefits. As stated above, anxiety and depression can be alleviated while using cherry pie in Edmonds WA and it is reportedly quite popular among PTSD patients who are capable of using medicinal marijuana. Some users who suffer from attention deficit disorders report that they are capable of concentrating more easily after using this cannabis strain. The anti-inflammatory properties of the plant are prevalent in the fact that certain chronic aches and pains are eased after using this drug. In high enough dosages, people who suffer from insomnia also report that they can sleep with ease.

Contact us if Cherry Pie sounds like a cannabis strain that may be of use or interest. A friendly and knowledgeable staff member can make recommendations of the variant needed according to the specific needs or wants of the user.

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