The Benefits of Assisted Senior Living Facilities

An assisted senior living facility in Montclair, CA may be a viable option for those who can no longer function independently but also have no desire to be dumped in to a nursing home. Assisted living allows for the same basic freedoms as living independently, but also comes with the benefit of on-site care or help when needed. Assisted living also provides housing that is similar to that of an apartment or small condo, which is not shared with other residents of the facility, making it feel like an actual home.

A senior who is in an assisted living situation is always safe. There is typically an emergency response system in place in any assisted living facility, so in the event of an accident, such as a fall, or just a situation where a person cannot get up from someplace like a chair or a bed, help is right there in the building and only minutes away. In a lot of cases, residents are given help pendants to wear that function either by the push of a button, or by detecting that the wearer has been in a certain position, such as flat on the floor, for a certain period of time. These help pendants then send out a distress signal which can be responded to promptly.

Meals are another benefit of assisted living. In many facilities, three meals a day are provided and are covered in the monthly cost of living at the facility. There is often a community dining hall, but for those who are unable to leave their rooms, there will be a caregiver who can bring each meal to them. This way, residents do not need to worry about grocery shopping or trying to prepare their own meals, both tasks that some may not be able to handle.

Medical supervision is also another positive aspect. Those with illnesses can be overseen as needed, and medications can be handled and dispensed each day to ensure that the forgetful always have someone to provide them with what they need. There should also always be a nurse present, both day and night, in the event of a situation that needs to be dealt with or that escalates in to a situation that requires a trip to the ER or an emergency doctor visit.

Transportation is also almost always provided for those who want or need to get out and do various things, such as shopping or participating in various activities. Transportation can also be provided for things such as medical appointments or trips to the pharmacy to refill medications.

All in all, the benefits of assisted senior living facilities in Montclair, CA are great and are an excellent option for seniors of all kinds.

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