The Benefits of a Metal Roof in Puyallup WA

by | May 16, 2014 | Roofing

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Aesthetically pleasing, fire resistant, energy efficient and a proven expectation of performance for over 50 years -; these are just a few of the benefits you can expect to see from a metal roof in Puyallup WA. In fact, residential metal roofing is one of the quickest growing segments of home improvement available. The benefits that are offered by a modern metal roof allow homeowners the ability to upgrade their homes with a product that has lasting value. Other types of roofs will quickly diminish in their value as they age; however, metal roofs provide a number of lasting benefits.


Various Designs, Patterns and Styles


Throughout the U.S. there are a number of different types of roofing. The type you choose is usually dependent on the architectural style and climate of your area. The good news is, no matter the style or climate, there is a metal roof option that will match.


The majority of consumers are surprised to realize metal roofs are available in a number of different styles, which are designed to fit into any type of neighborhood and look just like a number of other styles such as shingle, tile, slate and cedar shake.


Good for Your Home and the Environment


According to a number of studies up to 20 Billion pounds of shingles are dumped into landfills each year. The recycled content that is present in the steel in a metal roof is approximately 56 percent from the production to the installation and reuse, which is much more than its asphalt counterpart. Additionally, a metal roof is, in many situations, able to be installed over the home’s current roof, without having to remove what is already there.


Another benefit is the fact that a metal roof provides superior insulation. This means that your metal roof in Puyallup WA will help to keep your home comfortable no matter the weather outside, and it will also lower your heating and cooling bills by a significant amount.


If you think your home could benefit from a metal roof, contact the professional services of DLP Roofing for more information regarding the process. In many cases you can receive a free estimate to see how much the installation of a metal roof will cost.