The basics of roadside assistance

Roadside assistance and towing in Plainfield IL can happen at any time and to anyone. Having a roadside assistance policy is something that many vehicle owners simply will not do without. Roadside assistance can be of benefit to anyone but knowing how to use it and when to use it is important.


When can roadside assistance be used?


Your roadside assistance program will provide you with service any time you need it, day or night. Roadside assistance will provide towing in Plainfield IL when your vehicle has a mechanical breakdown, but it provides more services than just towing. Roadside assistance can be sued for mechanical breakdowns as well as attending to a flat tire , help you get in your car if you lock yourself out, bring gas to you should you run out and get you out of a ditch when you become stuck.


How does the company that does the towing get paid?


There are a few different ways in which the towing company gets paid; it depends on the provider of the roadside assistance. When you decide upon a plan make sure you find out the answer to this question so that when you use the service you will know what to expect.


In some cases when you need to get towing in Plainfield IL you can simply call the roadside assistance provider, they in turn dispatch the truck to your reported location and the company pays the towing company direct. In this case there is no need for you to pay the driver anything. The roadside assistance provider is normally the one to determine which towing company to use.


A second common way that the towing company gets paid is for you to pay the driver directly for the services, you in turn provide a receipt to your assistance company and they in turn reimburse you, in many cases in the mail so there is a slight delay. One potential benefit to this approach is that you can select the company to do the towing in Plainfield IL. There are some providers that offer both solutions, this allows you to pick the approach most suitable for the situation.


What does roadside assistance cost?


Cost of the service can vary considerably based on who you choose and how many drivers are in the family as well as the number of cars you own. It is however one of the least expensive insurances you can buy for the peace of mind you get.


If you break down and need help with towing in Plainfield IL or if you need assistance with a jump start, a tire change or lockout services you are invited to call Green Machine Towing.



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