The Advantages Of Employee Onboarding Software

by | Mar 25, 2022 | Accounting

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It is very easy for small to mid-sized businesses to assume they do not need to move to automation for many of their HR tasks. Unfortunately, this is not true, and the small amount of initial investment saved by not choosing software solutions is outweighed by the ongoing costs of continuing to do things manually.

A good example of this is failing to add employee onboarding software solutions. While this process can be completed manually, it creates potential missed steps in the process and leads to an increased level of work for the human resources team. On the other hand, investing in quality software to onboard new hires is a highly effective way to build your company.

Consistent Onboarding Process

Using employee onboarding software means that every employee moves through the onboarding process in the same way. There are no shortcuts or missed meetings or trainings as everything is logged and monitored through the system.

This includes training new employees on company culture, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), and ensuring all new hires are aware of company policies, procedures, and protocols.

Increased Clarity for New Hires

Using employee onboarding software makes the process much easier for new hires as well. They understand where they are in the steps and what needs to be completed. All required documentation can be easily uploaded and recorded, eliminating the frustration for both the new hire and the HR department in trying to track down paperwork and documentation.

Finally, using software for onboarding that integrates with the company’s Human Resource Information System or HRIS ensures that all required information to complete employee records and payroll is available from the first day the employee starts work.