The Advantage Of ISNetworld Compliance

by | Dec 31, 2018 | Business

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For small to large companies in a number of different industries, having a way to demonstrate and highlight their compliance within their industry to all safety standards and regulations is an important factor in gaining new customers. This is also essential in distinguishing the business from others in the industry, setting a company apart from the competition.

ISNetworld compliance is one option to consider. ISN is a specialized service that is a managed database for contractors in a range of different industries. The specific use of ISNetworld is to ensure the contractors listed on the database meet all government and internal requirements for industry compliance and recordkeeping in their respective industries.

All of the data supplied by contractors or collected by ISN is verified by subject matter experts. This allows for validation and verification of ISNetworld compliance, creating a safe and effective way for companies, contractors, and suppliers to choose from the database and know the contractor they are selecting is fully compliant.

What to Consider

One aspect that contractors are graded on within ISNetworld is on whether or not they have COR/SECOR certification.

Most companies with COR Alberta and COR Saskatchewan certification will have a higher grade within ISNetworld because they have this COR or SECOR certification. There is the need to keep this status or certification active and to have completed all required training and submission of documentation.

Contractors in these provinces that have COR certification need to have their COR certificate uploaded into ISNetworld to complete the Management System Questionnaire to display to the Hiring Clients in ISNetworld. In addition, companies have to complete quarterly updates, which is designed to ensure companies are still certified, and that data remains valid and accurate in the database.

Specific documents are also required for ISNetworld. These vary depending on the industry and other factors. Typical examples of the types of documents needed by the system include insurance certificates, written copies of safety programs as well as all applicable training documentation.

COR Solutions partners with ISNetworld to provide ISNetworld compliance to companies in Western Canada, including in Alberta and Saskatchewan. To find out more, see us online at website.

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