That Most Common Issues That Require Expert AC Repair In Lakeland FL

When the heat of the summer sun builds, many people enjoy finding relief by way of a central air conditioning system. In addition to keeping a home more comfortable, it will also help reduce interior humidity levels and protect furniture from damaging moisture. Most AC systems will provide years of reliable service without needing major maintenance, but some issues require the expertise of a professional trained in AC repair in Lakeland, FL. Here are the most common causes of an AC system failure and an overview of how to fix them.

Low Coolant Levels

An AC system uses a cooling liquid to chill air, and then disperses the treated air into a home through a ductwork system. If the levels of coolant become low, it will cause an air conditioner to struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature, or can cause the system to engage a safety feature that prevents operation. A technician can restore the levels and the function of the air conditioner quickly, and have any space cool in no time.

Failing Compressor

The coolant liquid is compressed in the outside unit, which is what activates its cooling properties and allows it to provide a comfortable interior temperature. If the compressor fails, the unit will run, but the air coming from the unit will not be cold and will cause a space to heat up quickly. Depending on the reason for the AC failure, the technician can repair or replace the compressor, and restore operation promptly.

Thermostat Malfunction

A thermostat is designed to provide feedback to the furnace system about the interior temperature of a home. If the thermostat malfunctions, it can cause the reading to be inaccurate and fail to signal the furnace unit to operate. Thermostats are one of the least expensive items that require AC repair in Lakeland, FL, and most issues can be remedied by replacing the unit entirely.

Don’t let the summer heat lead to uncomfortable conditions when an AC repair professional can provide quick and reliable service. The team at Springer Brothers Air Conditioning and Heating service most makes and models and can help get any system working in a timely fashion. Visit the website to learn more about the services they provide and tackle any AC issues once and for all.

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