Steps to Taking Before Water Heater Repair in Thompson, MB

by | Dec 26, 2023 | Plumbing

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According to manufacturers, the lifespan of the average water heater is roughly ten years. However, that figure can vary depending on the unit’s design and location, as well as installation and local water quality. If a home’s water heater is over a decade old, if it leaks, or if it works erratically, replacement is likely the best option. Before replacement, homeowners should click here to find out more on the troubleshooting steps they should take.

When the Water Isn’t Hot Enough

The most common water heater issue is water that isn’t hot enough. Such issues are typically caused by broken heating elements or thermostats. A water heater repair pro can do the following:

* Ensure that the power source is connected

* Reset the unit’s thermostat

* Flush the tank to remove sediment

* Insulate pipes

* Replace the thermostat or heating element

On gas-powered heaters, the technician can ensure that the pilot light is on and the gas line is connected. Pipes can be insulated and the tank can be flushed, and the thermocouple may need replacement.


The water heaters of today are almost maintenance free, but certain steps can prolong the life of a unit. The water heater should be drained twice per year to get rid of corrosion-causing sediment, and the pressure release valve should periodically be tested. A technician handling Water Heater Repair in Thompson MB, can lower the thermostat to 120 degrees to reduce damage related to overheating.

If Replacement is Necessary

If a water heater needs replacement, the homeowner can choose a similar type, but they should also consider other options. For example, the customer could get a larger or smaller unit or a tankless model to accommodate a growing or shrinking household.

Things to Look For in a New Water Heater

When a homeowner looks for a new water heater, they should consider certain features. Capacity is important, and most homes have about a 40-50 gallon heater. Recovery rate is critical in larger households, as it affects how fast the water heats back up after heavy use. Energy efficiency ratings are important, as are dimensions. A company specializing in Water Heaters Repair in Thompson MB, can help the homeowner choose the right unit for their needs. For more information, please visit Paul’s Plumbing & Heating Ltd.