Steps For A Dental Cleaning

Dental hygienists perform cleaning services to remove substances that are harmful to the teeth and gums. The procedures are streamlined based on the patient’s individualized needs. The following are steps used to complete the process for a dental cleaning for kids near Chino Hills.

Obtain Patient History and Complete the Physical Exam

The hygienist obtains a patient history. The history indicates previous conditions that often re-emerge. They evaluate all repairs and modifications performed previously for the patient. The physical exam is completed next. It involves a quick review of the jawbone, teeth, and facial bones.

Conduct the Oral Survey

During the oral survey, the hygienist identifies occlusal abnormalities, fractured teeth, and lesions. They evaluate the mouth for unexplained odors and furcation exposure. They identify signs of TMJ, alignment issues, and enlargement of gum tissue. The hygienist produces a report for the dentist when repairs are needed.

Remove Substances from the Supragingival Calculus

The supragingival calculus is the area above the gum line. This procedure involves the removal of hard substances, bacteria, and plaque. The hygienist planes this area of the mouth to uncover damage and weakened portions of tooth enamel. Select hygienists use a motor-powered instrument to remove these particles thoroughly. The planing process lasts roughly fifteen seconds per tooth unless stubborn substances exist.

Perform the Subgingival Cleaning and Polish the Teeth

The subgingival or areas below the gum line are planed next. The hygienist scrapes particles from the tooth enamel directly during this process. They complete root planing during this cleaning process. They remove bacteria and foreign matter from gum pockets for patients with existing periodontal disease. Once the cleaning is complete, they polish the teeth to achieve an attractive shine.

Dental hygienists follow specific steps to complete a thorough clean for patients. They conduct these cleanings to address any build-up of particles that threaten their oral health. They begin the treatment by evaluating the patient’s dental history and conclude with a polish for aesthetic purposes. Patients who wish to undergo a dental cleaning near Chino Hills can contact Kids Dental Specialists.

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