Spotting whether your exhaust is faulty or not

by | Mar 12, 2014 | Automotive

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he exhaust that is fitted onto your vehicle performs a crucial function that allows your vehicle to run smoothly without being hindered by the noxious by-products of running an engine. Because it is important that all of this waste is pumped away from your vehicle, driving a car with a faulty exhaust is something that can put all the pieces of the vehicle at risk. Exhausts in Petersfield ensure that the rest of a vehicle can remain intact and in working order, yet if exhausts in Petersfield fail to perform their function then a vehicle owner can find that many different areas of their vehicle are affected. In order to ensure your vehicle is able to operate safely and reliably, it is important that you are able to spot any of the signs that your exhaust may have run into a problem. Although there are some obvious signs that your exhaust is suffering from a complication, there are also some more subtle signs that you also need to look out for that can indicate a problem. Below are some further details on some of the signs that you need to be wary of in order to recognise whether your exhaust has run into a problem or not.

If you hear any uncharacteristic noises

When an exhaust is operating in perfect working order, there will generally only be a very small sound that emanates from it. However, if it is beginning to develop a serious problem then it can often cause louder and more unusual noises that can be very noticeable. If you ever hear any abnormal noises originating from your exhaust, you should immediately find a professional garage service and allow them to take a closer look at your vehicle.

If the smoke is a different colour

When an exhaust in working order operates, the colour of the smoke that comes out of the pipe will be a consistent colour. It can often be a clear sign that a problem is developing when the smoke changes to an unusual colour, and this is a sign that can be difficult to spot as drivers are not able to directly see their exhaust pipe when driving their vehicle around.

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