Some Steps Followed in Completing Cabinet Finishing in Holland

by | Jun 19, 2014 | Home Improvement

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The kitchen needs to look new and sparkling clean all the time. This does not mean that you will need to incur huge costs in the process. Some simple touches can make it look as good as new. One of these ways is by having a good finish on them. Here is the process of completing cabinet Finishing in Holland.

Measuring the size of cabinets

Take the measurements properly to ensure that you have the right dimensions. This will make remodeling easier since the materials will be cut to size. Providing your carpenter with the right measurement will ensure quality final product. Also, the carpenter will not have to keep cutting to size, and this will save him a lot of time and make the work neater.


Before you continue with the process of finishing your cabinet, make sure that it has the right structural image. Refacing is very intricate, and it may include many processes. You need to have a color scheme planned out for the kitchen. This is how you will know what color your cabinets need to be painted. Some people will simply go for clear vanish on their wood.

Cabinet resurfacing

This is done in a few steps. First attach veneers to the surfaces. There are several options when it comes to veneers, and one can choose what they prefer. There are even iron-on veneers which are easy to use and durable. After applying the veneer, then start changing the parts you want to replace.

Inserting doors

The last step will be inserting doors onto the cabinets. If you needed to replace every single piece of hardware, this will be an extensive job. However, if the old pieces remain it will be easy. This is because one will not have to worry about drilling new holes. The old ones can fit screws and hinges and so it will save a lot of work.

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