Solutions to Water in the Basement in Peoria, IL

by | Dec 26, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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Flooding is every homeowner’s biggest nightmare. Ver few regions in the U.S. are safe from flash flooding. Even if it’s just the basement, standing water in a house can cause a lot of health and structural problems. Most of flooding is a result of heavy rains and snow melts, but it can also come from surface water sources, through the cracks in walls and the floor. Flash floods can bring 10-20 feet high walls of water. Aside from wildfires, floods are the most widespread natural disaster.


Basements in Illinois may be especially susceptible to flooding due to frequent snow storms and high snow accumulation. Since basements are generally below the ground level, naturally occurring groundwater as well as sewer fluids can also pose a risk. In addition, a house positioned at the bottom of a slope promotes water flow into the basement. Cracks in foundation and walls also allow for groundwater to seep in.


There are a few prevention methods to Water In Basement Peoria IL. Keeping gutters clean and properly draining is imperative. The water should be directed away from the foundation of the house. Sealing any interior and exterior cracks with masonry sealer or epoxy can help, but for major damage it’s best to call a professional. It’s also recommended to regularly service the sump pump, sewer and the septic tank. A small investment before an emergency saves a lot of money down the road. For those living in high-risk areas, it may be a good idea to review the homeowner’s insurance policy and sign up for flood coverage.


Whether already dealing with Water In Basement Peoria IL, or trying to prevent the problem from happening, finding a reliable service provider is essential. The company should offer basement dry-out services, complete structural drying, sewage extraction, and sanitization services. Such companies usually offer a wide range of emergency services as well as house maintenance. In Morton and Peoria areas, Hoerr Carpet Cleaning, helps restore and protect the home from water damage. They’re a well-established business with over 23 years of experience, also offering carpet and furniture cleaning, and tile and grout maintenance.