Sliding Glass Walls are Highly Functional at Home or Work

by | Oct 3, 2012 | Home And Garden

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One of the main attractions of sliding glass walls for many consumers is that they are green products, which means that they are energy efficient and have a lower impact on the environment than alternatives. Whether used in an office space or residential home, sliding glass walls use fewer natural resources and minimize energy use, which leads to lower bills. For a corporation or business, this is a boon for branding and the promotion of company responsibility during a time when it is trendy to “go green.”


Another advantage of sliding glass walls used in an office space is the sense of openness and transparency that they suggest to the business environment. While this may be a psychological attraction, if done poorly, it may lead some employees to feeling like they are working in a fishbowl. But if sliding glass walls are installed in a smart, efficient manner, it gives employees the sense that they are part of an interactive team while simultaneously having their own workspace and the privacy to concentrate on their own duties and responsibilities.


The main objective of installing sliding glass walls is often for the implementation of a responsible use of energy, as well as to make interior space more transparent in order to foster greater communication and work flow. Sliding glass walls permit the flow of light throughout an entire building. They also provide for the exploration of the opportunity for the visual augmentation of the entire office décor – whether it’s a corporate setting, a retail store, or a residential home. Further, they enhance the use of movable walls to divide portions of any general area in order to be used for varying functions and levels of privacy.


Another advantage of implementing sliding glass walls in any type of space is the anticipation of superior breathable air.  Alternative types of walls often use paint and finishes which can become toxic in certain environments; but this is a never a problem when glass is utilized. The introduction of a superior quality of breathable air, whether at the workplace or home, has the potential to be a huge improvement for people who are more sensitive to allergies, toxins, and other side effects that may be produced in lower quality air.


Besides the functional aspects of sliding glass walls, there are aesthetic benefits, as well. Stylish designs and upgraded high end interiors have been implemented in various retail environments in order to separate different vendors within a store or mall space, allowing private commerce to continue while making full use of ambient light or sunlight from outside.