Six Ways To Fight Cavities

by | Apr 10, 2013 | Dentistry

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Cavities are extremely common in children. Unlike the trend of the last 40 years, the prevalence of cavities in children seems to be on the rise rather than declining. Your dentist in Rochester Hills fights this on a daily basis as he or she works on patients’ teeth. But there is only so much your dentist can do. One of the most obvious culprits for this statistic is the increased consumption of candy and other processed foods. Healthy snacks are more and more becoming replaced by processed foods and soda and other sugared drinks are replacing water. Many people who drink water, however, are still not receiving precious fluoride because they are drinking bottled water instead of tap water.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can help prevent cavities so the next time you visit your dentist in Rochester Hills. Here are a few ways you can help fight cavities, or at least reduce the risk of cavities with your children.

Avoid giving your young child formula or juice at night. Sugar causes bacteria that are already present in your mouth to produce acid that causes tooth decay. If you must give your child a drink in the middle of the night, fluoridated water is recommended.

Give your child healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. Fruit can often fill the cravings for sweets that your child is looking for.

If you have to give a sweet, however, only offer it as a dessert or following a meal. Snacking, especially late night snacking is one of the major causes of children’s cavities.

Offer your child tap water. Most community water sources are fluoridated. This fluoride is an excellent way to help strengthen teeth and fight cavities. Bottled water does not contain fluoride; so if you feel you need to have your tap water filtered, invest in a filter for the sink or a pitcher that contains a filter. Many people worry about fluoridated water. To help educate you about the pros and cons, talk to your dentist in Rochester Hills.

Sharing is not always caring. Most people don’t know this, but cavities are contagious. If you have cavities, you can pass them on to others when you share drinks and utensils.

Teaching your child the proper brushing technique is important, as well. Many adults don’t even know it, so it wouldn’t hurt to ask your dentist in Rochester Hills to instruct you and your child.

Cavities can be avoided and your dentist in Rochester Hills can help you. If you would like more tips on how to fight cavities, contact your dentist in Rochester Hills today.