Signs Your Child Has A Learning Disability

School work is difficult for some children. However, if your child is constantly struggling in school, then this is a sign that they may have a learning disability. There are several signs that indicate that your child needs Jewish special education.

Lack of Progress in Elementary School

Most children are diagnosed with a learning disability while they are in elementary school. If your child has not been progressing in elementary school, then they may have a learning disability. Pay attention to the feedback that they get from their teacher. You should also look at their grades. If their grades keep slipping, then this may be caused by a learning disability.


There are several signs that indicate that your child is having problems concentrating. For example, they may take notes that are illegible. They may also fail to complete the assignments that they are given in class. This will eventually lead to bad grades.

Struggles to Follow Direction

Following directions involves hearing a command and performing it. If your child struggles to follow directions, then they may have a learning disability. They may not be able to follow directions because they cannot comprehend what they are being told.

Mood Problems

A child with a learning disability may be anxious or depressed all of the time. The reason that learning disabilities cause mood problems is because school work is stressful. The child may be putting a lot of effort into their school work and not getting anything out of it.

Short Attention Span

Children with learning disabilities often struggle to concentrate. In fact, they may be completely uninterested in school work. This may also be a sign of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

If you are in need of Jewish special education, then you will need to contact or visit the website for more information.

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