Signs You Need To Rush To An Urgent Care Near You

Differentiating whether your condition needs ER or urgent care attention can be quite daunting. Any life-threatening conditions should be rushed to the ER. Minor emergencies can be handled at the urgent care facilities fast enough. But how do you draw the line on what’s a minor emergency and what’s not? This piece will cover a few signs that should send you to an urgent care near me.

A non-life-threatening injury that causes extreme pain

Instances such as a minor slip, back pain that keeps coming and going on its own or a minor burn, all can be handled at an urgent care near me. These injuries must not be too severe, putting your life on the line and can cause a lot of pain.

You are on medication without recovery

If you’ve been sick for days, perhaps from congestion, a cough or flu, and it doesn’t seem to heal, consider swinging by your urgent care clinic near me. The physician at the clinic will conduct tests, determine why your condition hasn’t been improving, and give you an alternative treatment.

You have a primary care doctor, but you can’t wait for the appointment day

Conditions such as yeast infections cannot wait for scheduled appointments. If you can’t get your primary caregiver on time, consider going to an urgent care near me for alternative medical care.

Are you torn in between going to the ER, your primary doctor, or urgent care? Check out these signs to see if you need an urgent care clinic. Call us now to receive treatment immediately or visit My Instadoc Urgent Care for more information and make an informed decision.

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