Signs You Need to Repair Your HVAC Unit

When your HVAC unit isn’t working correctly, it can be annoying at the least. At times, you aren’t quite sure if you need a full replacement or just some simple repairs. Learn some of the tell-tale signs you are in immediate need of HVAC repair in Atlanta. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a replacement heating or cooling system unit if a cost-effective repair is all you need.

General Signs of Needing HVAC Repair

If your unit is more than 10 years old, you likely require HVAC repair . It could mean the replacement of hoses or ductwork. Other signs your HVAC unit needs repair is when the system runs for long periods. Lastly, check your bill. If you are paying more money for your energy bill, an HVAC repair is in your near future. A licensed technician will be able to evaluate your unit to see what is the most cost-efficient option.

Look for Quick Fix Repairs First

Don’t assume you need a major overhaul of your HVAC unit. First, look to make small HVAC repairs. Do this by assessing your home for air leaks. Air leaks aren’t expensive to repair. To determine if your home has any air leaks , get an energy efficiency assessment. Georgia Power in Atlanta offers rebates and other incentives for consumers to request an energy audit of the home. If the energy audit indicates air leaks, connect with an HVAC repair technician in Atlanta to seal those leaks. Finding and repairing this issue prevents major repairs and eliminates the need to replace the unit.

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