Signs You Need An Auto Alignment

by | May 20, 2014 | Automotive

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You may be surprised to know that vehicles require an auto alignment on a regular basis. The owner’s manual for your particular car or light truck will provide a schedule for alignment; however this is based on regular driving without any signs that there is a problem.


Knowing what to look for in your vehicle to determine if you need an auto alignment prior to the scheduled job is essential. By keeping your suspension in alignment you can save on the cost of tires and also ensure a better and safer ride.


Uneven Tire Wear


When a vehicle has the suspension system set up correctly the tires will all wear uniformly with each other as well as across their individual surface. However, if the vehicle is in need of an auto alignment you will notice that the inside or outsides of the tires may wear faster than the rest of the tire.


Not only does this mean that you have to replace your tires more often, but it can also put you at greater risk of blowouts and flats when you are on the road.


Steering Changes


When you need an auto alignment you will typically notice changes to the steering. This can include a noticeable vibration in the steering wheel or your vehicle seeming to pull or drift to one side or the other of the road. This is not as acute as when you have a low or flat tire; it is more of a continual, subtle drift. Sometimes all you notice is a sore neck or shoulder as you are constantly adjusting the wheel instead of just allowing the steering wheel to sit in the neutral position when driving in a straight line.


You may also notice that the steering wheel is not centered anymore when you are driving. It is as if you are slightly cornering to one direction all the time to actually keep the vehicle straight.


If your vehicle is in an accident or you hit a curb you should consider an auto alignment if you notice any of the above issues. If the wheel has visible damage don’t wait, get an alignment immediately to prevent additional damage to more expensive steering and suspension parts.


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