Signs That Vehicle Brakes Need Repair or Replacement of Components

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Auto Repair Shop

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Vehicle owners must be alert to signs that components of the braking system are becoming worn. Noises and changes in pedal action are common signs that repair or replacement work is needed. Mechanical work on brakes near Brighton Park should not be delayed, as the problem will worsen with continued use.

Changes in Pedal Action

If the brake pedal pulses when the driver pushes it down, that’s a sign of warped rotors due to normal wear and tear. Automotive technicians can perform machining on the rotors one or two times, but after that, replacement is required.

A brake pedal that starts to feel soft and can be pushed closer to the floor than normal indicates a problem with the hydraulic system. The master cylinder may be malfunctioning. There may be a tiny leak in the system that has caused the fluid level to become low. This problem with brakes near Brighton Park should not be ignored. If a major leak develops or the master cylinder fails, the pedal may suddenly not work at all. That creates a hazardous situation.

Unusual Noises

Brakes can make all sorts of noises that could indicate trouble. Squealing when pressing on the pedal is a common symptom of worn components. Sometimes, however, brakes squeal simply because the vehicle has been sitting for a while or when the components have gotten wet. Grinding and chirping are additional signs of brake problems. Diagnostic, repair and replacement work can be completed at VIP Tire Corporation, which provides details.