Signs That the Time Has Come for Pet Dental Care in Olathe, KS

by | Dec 29, 2014 | Veterinarian

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Just like their owners, pets can develop a wide range of dental issues. For this reason, owners should be aware of the signs something is not quite right with the teeth or gums of a pet. Here are some of the more common warning signs that indicate pet dental care in Olathe, KS, is in order.


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Bad Breath


Many owners write off bad breath to all sorts of causes. It is true that bad breath can mean other issues are present, including something wrong with the stomach. Bad breath can also be a sign there is some sort of gum disease developing or that the pet has a tooth that needs to be filled or removed altogether.


Swelling in the Jaw or Gums


If the jaws of the pet seem to be swollen, this is often a sign some sort of infection has set in. There’s a good chance the swelling is also causing the pet some pain and distress. Rather than assuming it will go away, seek pet dental care in Olathe, KS, at once. The underlying cause can be treated quickly, allowing the pain and the swelling to subside.


The Pet is in Pain When Eating


If the pet seems to go back and forth to a food dish and only eats a bite at the time, that can be sign the teeth are hurting. A vet can examine the teeth and determine what the underlying cause of the pain happens to be. Perhaps the jaws are swollen because the pet has been chewing its coat and hair is now lodged between the teeth and the gums. When this is the case, a teeth cleaning will remove the irritants and allow the pet to eat comfortably once more.


It is important to remember that pets cannot tell their owners when they are in pain. That means people must be on the lookout for signs the pet is in some sort of distress. When there is evidence the pet is not feeling well, a trip to the Falcon Valley Animal Hospital is in order. After obtaining a diagnosis, it is possible to begin treatments that allow the pet to feel better and enjoy life once more.