Signs of Termites in Pasadena

One of the most dreaded things a homeowner can hear is that they have Termites in Pasadena. These small, yet destructive critters, can be found in the door and window frames of a home, the foundation, walls, ceiling and more. What’s even worse is that they can fester in a home for years without being visible. They will continue to feed on any and all wood in the home -; from skirting boards to furniture -; leaving damage and destruction in their wake.

The key to keeping this damage from getting out of hand is to know the signs of termites and then take action right away. Some of the telltale signs of termites in a home can be found here.

Head Banging

The termite soldiers will bang their heads against any wood they find or shake their bodies if the colony is disturbed, or if they need to signal danger to the other termites. The worker termites -; these are the ones that actually eat the wood -; are pretty loud, too. A homeowner should be able to put their ear near wood that’s infested and hear them chewing away.

Something most homeowners don’t know about Termites in Pasadena is that rock music will actually make them eat faster. A study was carried out on the eating habits of termites and the insects actually started eating faster when this type of music was played.

Hollow or Papery Sounding Timber

Termites work from the inside out when eating wood. They will leave behind just a slight veneer or in some cases, just the paint. When a homeowner taps or knocks on an area that’s been damaged by termites, it is going to sound papery or hollow. That’s because the timber inside has been eaten and there’s nothing left by a hollow space.

When it comes to termites, the best way to get rid of them is to act fast. Call an exterminator at the first sign of trouble. More information about getting rid of termites can be found by visiting the website. Being informed is the best way to handle any termite issue.

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