Signs of Car Battery Trouble

Every car faces some form of trouble at some point or another. But, rather than experience car trouble while driving or with your family in the car, keeping an eye out for the warning is the optimal option. One of the most significant and difficult to detect car problems is battery failure. Below are the top signs that your car is experiencing battery failure. Upon noticing any of these signs, it?s always best to visit Batteries Southgate so get your car the battery care that it needs to operate properly.

Slow Engine Response

In most cases, people attribute slow engine response to the vehicle?s old age or extensive mileage. The truth is, the slow engine response is much more likely due to potential engine failure. When you start the vehicle, the engine should take no longer than a few seconds to start. If the engine takes longer than just a few seconds, then it is best to take your car to the shop so a professional can perform an a diagnostic exam and determine the extent of your battery damage.

A Battery Leak

For those who are not seasoned car owners or who do not have a lot of experience with cars, a battery leak is one of the most apparent sign that the vehicle has battery trouble. The issue is that battery leaks can be difficult to detect. To check for a battery leak, open the hood of the car and take a look at the battery. If the battery is corroded around the posts, which is where the cable connections are located, then the battery is leaking. By stopping at a Batteries Southgate professional, you?ll be able to get your battery changed out to avoid damage to the car itself.

The Batter is Old

Lastly, another sign that indicates that it is time to switch out the battery for a newer one is the age of the battery itself. If you have an older vehicle that has never had its battery changed, then it may be time to visit a professional to change out the battery. Older batteries prevent the car from performing optimally and they also put a great deal of strain on the car. Changing the battery is also a quick procedure, so you can get your car back and in mint condition. There are many repair shops that can accommodate your needs, including in Batteries Southgate.

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