Signs an Emergency Dentist in South Loop is Needed

Much like a regular medical emergency, there is no way to know that a dental emergency is needed. In fact, many people are blindsided when this does occur, left wondering what to do. The good news is that many dentists offer emergency services for serious problems with teeth and gums. The key is for a person to know whether or not they need the services of an emergency dentist in South Loop. Some of the most common reasons to call on the services of an emergency dentist can be found here.

Tooth Bleeding, Pain or Gums that Ache

Having a toothache can be the indication of a number of different issues. For those who are suffering from any type of tooth pain, calling on a dentist is essential. One of the most common reasons for this pain is tooth decay. Another issue is gingivitis, which results in aching and bleeding gums. If these problems are not treated in a timely manner, it can result in loss of the affected teeth among more serious issues. Calling on an Emergency dentist in South Loop for toothaches and pain will help prevent serious consequences.

Constant Headaches

This issue can be a bit challenging to relate to dental issues, but they may be the result of constant teeth grinding. This is especially true if the headaches seem to be present in the morning but fade as the day progresses. A dentist can create a special mouth guard that will help to reduce this issue.

Lost Tooth

If an adult tooth is knocked out, taking action quickly is essential. If a person, along with the missing tooth, arrives at the dentist in time, it may be able to be saved. This will prevent the need for a dental implant or other replacement for the tooth.

Not all dental issues represent the need for emergency services. However, knowing whether or not a dentist offers this is essential to get this type of care when necessary. Keeping this information in mind will help anyone maintain great oral health year after year and to handle serious situations when they occur. Contact South Loop Dental Specialists to schedule your consultation.

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