Shoplifting Problem? Hire A Commercial Locksmith in Chicago to Secure a Showroom

by | Oct 9, 2013 | Locksmithing

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Security and safety are concerns for people whether they are at work or at home. That’s why it’s important to find a trustworthy Commercial locksmith in Chicago that can secure a business and provide residential locksmith services as well. Having a locksmith install locks and surveillance equipment is just like giving them the keys to a business. It’s important that a business owner hire a licensed locksmith that is bonded and insured. Local locksmiths, such as Amazing Lock Service, Inc., that have been in the community for decades have a proven track record that people can trust with their property, money, and valuables.


They also have the experience to help a new business owner install the proper locks on their doors and windows. It can be difficult for a business owner to comply with local fire code regulations and secure their retail shop. During business hours when staff and customers are in the showroom, emergency exits have to be open to let them leave the building during an emergency. Usually these doors are fitted with panic bars. People just crash up against these and they open. Unfortunately shoplifters use these to grab merchandise and leave quickly. Locksmiths can fit these with loud alarms and short time delays. Instead of opening instantly, when a panic bar is pressed a loud alarm sounds and there is a five second delay. This scares many shoplifters. They drop the goods and run out the front door. The short delay periods have been approved by local fire departments.


Thieves often attempt to break into a business and fail because the alarm goes off. However, they may have left broken doors and windows that need to be secured. A Commercial locksmith in Chicago should be available 24 hours day to help their clients in this situation. After the police or alarm company have notified the business owner of the attempted break-in, he will need immediate help to repair the alarm system and locks.


It’s also necessary to secure information, valuables and money within the business. Locksmiths can recommend strong file cabinets with secure locks. Most businesses need at least one safe to secure any cash kept on site.