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by | Feb 15, 2012 | Home And Garden

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Investing in new shower door enclosures in Hamilton home can add new dimension and depth to your bathroom. Giving a new look to the bathroom with a new shower enclosure is economical, quick and simple. Having a proper enclosure instead of shower curtains also make sure to keep the water off the bathroom floor in a more elegant manner. There are many different types of enclosure available to match any style and any budget. Visit a local hardware store for the complete list of the options available before finalizing the shower door enclosures in Hamilton for your home.

Types Of Shower Door Enclosures In Hamilton

Shower doors are usually designed for bath tub showers, stand-alone alcove showers or stand-alone corner showers. The types of enclosures include:

Round shower door enclosures: These doors are ideal choice for corner showers that are stand-alone. The glass doors open inward and are curved and attached to the top and bottom frames.

Bypass door enclosures: These are sliding door and are most commonly used for wide openings in alcove or corner stand-alone showers. They can also be used in the bath tub showers.

Neo-Angle shower door enclosures: These are ideal for corner stand-alone showers. They are space savers and can be made to swing open left or right.

Pivot shower door enclosures: Pivot doors are single panel swinging, single panel open outward or swing open doors. They can be used in tight spaces where bypass doors can’t be accommodated.

Framing Options For Shower Door Enclosures In Hamilton

Shower door enclosures in Hamilton can be framed, frameless or semi-frameless.

Framed enclosures are made of aluminum or composite material around the glass panels. The cleaning if these enclosures are more involved as dirt and water tends to get trapped in the track. Framed enclosures are low cost and easily available.

Frameless enclosures add style and sophistication to the bathroom with their glass panels showcasing the tiles and backsplash décor of the shower. They are also easier to clean and maintain but are more expensive.

Semi-Frameless enclosures use glass panels mounted on the top and bottom using minimal metal frame, the doors are without any frames on the sides. They are relatively cheaper than the frameless enclosures and are easier to clean and maintain.

Glass Choices And Accessories For Shower Door Enclosures In Hamilton

Glass panels have different options for the look, thickness and designs. The structural and design of the enclosure determine the thickness of the glass that should be used. Frameless glass panels are thicker to add more stability. Glass texture can be clear, frosted or tinted to match your style.

You can also opt to add accessories to your shower door enclosures in Hamilton like towel bars and door handles. Towel bars are functional and can add splash of color. Door handles can be a decorative accessory to give a unique look.

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