Sewer Drainage Cleaning and Repair in Holland: Types of Drain Cleaning Methods

by | May 22, 2014 | Plumbing

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Clogged sewer drainage can prove to be one of the most uncomfortable situations that you have to bear within your house. The only solution would be to unclog it and more important call in an expert in Sewer Drain Cleaning And Repair in Holland to help you if it is complicated. There are several methods that one can opt to use to unclog drainage. However, if not used in the correct manner, the results might not be positive. Here are some of the techniques that you can choose from.


Chemical drain cleaners


It’s one of the most common methods used to unclog drains. This is because the chemical, Drano, is very effective, and the results are noted almost immediately. The chemical eats away everything blocking the drain. One is advised to take proper care when dealing with such chemicals because they can harm you if they come into contact with your skin. Proper ventilation while using these chemicals should be observed and when one is done, it should be locked away out of children’s reach


Cleaning using enzymes


Though somehow a slower method of cleaning drains, it’s one of the safest. It is commonly used to clear any organic clogs that may be stuck on your drains. This is achieved by bringing in of enzymes or bacteria into your drains so that they can eat away the organic clogs like food particles or grease. This type of drain cleaning method is safer as compared to the latter as one is not at risk of being exposed to dangerous chemicals or damaging the drainage pipes.


strong>Mechanical drain cleaning method


Mechanical drain cleaning is a very common method of clearing your drains. One can remove a clog physically or use the proper toilet plunger if the clog is visible and near to the surface. To achieve this, you are required to wear protective gloves to avoid any contamination. If it’s deeper, a plumbing snake can be used, and if it fails, a sewer auger which breaks down the clog or high power hydro jetting pressure can be used.


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