Sewer Cleaning Services From Skokie Eliminate Unpleasant Odors In Drains

Sewer Cleaning Services Skokie can help customers get rid of unexplained bad odors coming from drains. Although baking soda, white vinegar and other drain deodorizers can be effective for certain types of smells, a hidden clog far down in the pipe system cannot be masked for long by a deodorizer. If these substances along with some boiling water don’t make a big difference, calling for professional help is advisable.

Sink Drain Clogs

Clogs that have built up far down in drainpipes can cause troublesome aromas to waft from sink drains. Water may be draining slowly, making it obvious some sort of problem exists. If commercially available drain cleaner does not completely clear up the sluggish drain, a plumber from a North Coast Sewer & Drainage may need to take apart pipes under the sink with specialized plumbing tools. The clog then can easily be found and removed.

A main reason for the stench usually involves mold buildup because the wet clog has been stuck there for a long time. In a kitchen sink, rancid oily substances have probably added to the effect.

Unexplained Toilet Odors

When a toilet seems to intermittently emit foul odors for no apparent reason, there may be a problem with the seal underneath that is intended to block smells from the home’s sewer system. That system includes the large, long pipe that extends to an underground line, which further extends to connect with the municipal sewer system in the street.

Odors backing up through the house from anywhere in this residential system are bound to be unpleasant. Plumbers who provide Sewer Cleaning Services Skokie can replace that seal, eliminating the problem.

Basement Drains

A similar problem affects basement drains when water traps have dried out, allowing sewer gas to escape. This trap may be under a floor drain or a washtub that has not been used in a long time. Normally, these traps hold a small amount of standing water that blocks sewer gas from rising up. The solution for this problem is much simpler. Someone just needs to pour water in.

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