Services Provided and Credentials of a Podiatry Foot Surgeon in Racine, WI

A Foot Surgeon in Racine WI who is a podiatrist is not a medical doctor but is qualified to perform operations on the feet. A person considering setting an appointment with this foot doctor may justifiably want to know what kind of training podiatrists complete.


This type of foot surgeon in Racine WI must have completed a doctoral degree from a recognized school of podiatric medicine after acquiring a bachelor’s degree. That degree commonly is in biology or another physical science. A residency comes next, during which the aspiring surgeon is able to gain extensive training and practice under supervision at a hospital or medical center.

People should look for board-certified podiatrists, such as those at Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers. This assures patients they will be receiving the best care. Visit to learn more about this particular podiatry clinic.

Podiatrists and Orthopedic Surgeons

Another type of foot surgeon is an orthopedic surgeon. This individual is a medical doctor. Podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons sometimes work together in a complicated surgery. The podiatrist may decide that the patient needs this level of care.


Operations on feet and ankles are advisable or necessary for many conditions. A podiatrist often begins treatment with conservative measures and then recommends surgery if those strategies are not effective. Treating a bunion is an example of a problem that sometimes responds to conservative therapy, such as wearing a splint to gently guide the bone back into alignment. The problem also can be resolved surgically.

Surface Conditions

Surgeries on the surface of the feet can resolve ongoing problems. An ingrown toenail, for instance, may become bad enough that the doctor must cut away some of the skin and underlying tissue to free up the nail. Part of the nail is also removed.

Ankle Conditions

A severe ankle sprain may need attention from a foot doctor. A splint or cast to mobilize the ankle may be advisable, just as people wear with a fractured bone. A severe enough sprain may require surgery. Ankles also can develop severe arthritis, and qualified podiatrists can perform an ankle replacement for these patients.

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