Selecting the Right Dining Table Pads

Dining table pads are devices that help to protect the finish on tabletops. High quality pads will last for years and stand up to a great deal of use. Selecting the right pads for a dining table does require paying attention to a few basic points, if the owner wants to enjoy the greatest range of benefits.

Size and Cut of the Pads

In order for the pads to provide the highest level of performance, they must fit the tabletop properly. With most designs, this means coming all the way to the edges of that top. It is possible to purchase pads that are the same sizes as many standard dining tables. For many consumers, these will work just fine. When there is the need to find a pad for a custom table, it is possible to order pads that are cut to specific dimensions. Those pads can even be contoured along the edges to conform perfectly to the design of the table.

Choosing the Best Pattern

Many people are not aware that dining table pads come in a variety of colors and patterns. There are the basic white and off white styles that work very well under a tablecloth. When the goal is to protect the table but not have to use a cloth every day, a color and pattern that mimics the look of the table is a good idea. For example, if the homeowner has a black lacquer dining table, investing in a pad that is also jet black will preserve the look. There are even pads that are designed with wood grain patterns, making them ideal for use with oak and pine dining tables.

Considering Magnetic Pads

For homeowners who have Dining Tables Connecticut composed of some type of metal, consider the possibilities of magnetic pads. These types of pads have magnets located in the bottom portion of the pad filler. The result is that the pad will fit easily on the table and will not shift at all. In terms of appearance, the pad will look almost like an original element of the table design.

The professionals at Naturalist Interiors can help customers explore the different options for table pads and identify the ones that will provide the best fit and look. As a bonus, the pads will easily last for years with nothing more than basic cleaning now and then.

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