Security Surveillance Camera Systems in Plainfield IN Help Homeowners Avoid Burglaries During Holidays

Theft rates are claimed to increase significantly between the week of Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. This includes theft from commercial establishments as well as residences. One reason for the apparent spike in residential burglaries is that so many people travel and leave their homes unattended on the holiday or for several days around that holiday. One way to deter burglars is with the installation of security surveillance camera systems in Plainfield IN. When would-be thieves see surveillance cameras on the property, they typically leave as quickly as possible.

Typical Items of Interest

The average financial loss with residential theft is around $2,000. Burglars look for possessions like expensive jewelry, high-end fashion items, electronics and stashes of money people like to keep on hand. Security Surveillance Camera Systems in Plainfield IN placed strategically around the exterior of the home provide an effective way of convincing these criminals to hit the road.

Alerting Burglars to the Empty House

The problem with leaving town on a holiday vacation is that people often practically announce their intentions. They let their mail pile up, for instance, which could include packages set by the door at this time of year. They use timers to turn the lights on and off much more often than the residents would actually do this if they were keeping to their usual schedule.

Ending the Worry

The holiday season can be stressful enough without the added trauma of a home burglary. This type of episode tends to make people feel violated, as well as wary and unsafe for the rest of their lives. Some investigators theorize that residential burglaries don’t actually increase during the holidays, but that people are more inclined to report them. Having the incident occur at a time of year that is supposed to be heart-warming and sentimental makes it feel even worse than it would be otherwise.

With a security system installed by a company such as Innovative Communication Solutions, commonly called ICS, the worry over a potential burglary while the household residents are out of town can be forgotten. The company’s technicians can also install an alarm system for additional security. Visit us online today.

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