Seal Seams Around Windows and Sky Lights With Custom Flashings in Bellevue WA

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Home Improvement

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When a homeowner purchases a home, his/her heart and soul goes into paying for and maintaining the home. A well-maintained home offers a family satisfaction, and a feeling of comfort they won’t get anywhere else. If something goes wrong, they call professionals in to make needed repairs. Any homeowner that has had to deal with holes in the siding, leaks in the basement, rotted siding and windows, and crawlspaces full of water, knows how costly it is not to have gutters or the cost of not having them cleaned regularly.

Every part of a home is important, and keeping water out of the home with custom flashings in Bellevue, WA is paramount when a roof, windows, skylights, or gutters are installed. It’s widely known that water will find a way into the smallest opening, whether around windows, inside vents or skylights or by way of clogged gutters. When this occurs, dampness sets in bringing with it the growth of toxic mold. For those interested in how some companies deal with keeping water away from home, log on to  and meet a family-owned company that’s been in business for a long time.

Every state in the union has different types of weather. Some states are hot and humid, while others are bitterly cold and dry, and some states experience rain every day of the year. When a new roof, siding, windows and gutters are installed, companies specializing in Custom Flashings in Bellevue WA explain the role flashings play in keeping water from entering the home.

When basements leak or foundations crack, contractors know right away to check out the most obvious reasons, which are usually clogged gutters, or no gutters. When they clog up, the water has nowhere to go, but to run over them and down the side of the home causing water to pool along the foundation which eventually cracks, and soon after that, springs a leak.

A home needs a roof over it, but it also needs gutters to keep water in its place, keep holes from forming in the siding which keeps little critters and insects out, and where they belong. Gutters and accessories now come in many colors, sizes, and shapes to match the exterior of the home.