Scrap Metal Buyers in NJ Pay Cash for Old Toasters and Other Metal Products

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Business

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Many Americans have been left scrambling after they’ve lost their job or had their pay cut. In a slow economy jobs can be hard to find. Therefore some of these people have had to resort to starting their own business. They might have sold off all of their jewelry and traded in their old car for cash. That’s when they finally realized that there’s money to be made selling scrap metal. As they walk around their neighborhood on trash night, they keep their eyes open for anything made of metal. Scrap Metal Buyers In NJ such as H&C Metals accept all types of ferrous and nonferrous metals, as well as electronic scrap.


It’s important for these scrap metal peddlers to get the best price possible for their load. Therefore they should check the price for their metals every day. Then they should call and ask what the going price is at several facilities. They might be very surprised to find out how much the prices vary from one scrap metal yard to the next. Some scrap yards will pick up even small loads. That will help lower the person’s costs. Some scrap yards require that the loads be separated and contain only one metal. For example they require that the the peddler take a toaster apart. He can turn in only the metal parts of the toaster. Other scrap yards accept the entire toaster. However, they may also pay less for each load.


Scrap Metal Buyers In NJ also have to be careful that the metal products they buy aren’t stolen. Given the price of copper, many construction sites have had a lot of copper pipes stolen. So as a scrap-metal peddler is roaming the neighborhood looking for metal, it’s not a bad idea to bring their camera with them. They can take a photo of the toaster in a trash pile or the copper pipes at a garage sale. They date and time stamp is very helpful. Some smart phones and cameras also will show the map coordinates of the subject. Any documentation that can help convince a scrap yard and police that the items weren’t stolen is useful.