Save Money and the Environment with the Washroom Hand Dryer

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Business

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In the past, companies ignored the idea of installing hand dryers in public bathrooms. They thought that these machines were too expensive, loud and messy. Today, you will find this innovative product installed in countless bathrooms. More energy-efficient hand dryers are taking over the traditionally powered ones. The next time you walk into the bathroom, look out for the hand dryer and know why people are using this tool to save money and protect the environment.

Less Waste, Less Money

Building owners are paying high costs for modern convenience. They are installing top-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers onto the walls of their bathrooms. Some of them spend as much as $700 for each dryer. Soon, the customers flow in and enjoy using the dryers.

After these installations, the returns on investment are pretty obvious and come immediately. At least a dozen trees are chopped down to create a single ton of paper. With the washroom hand dryer in place, no paper towels are needed at all.

Clean bathrooms are easier and cheaper to maintain. With little to no paper waste found in these rooms, there is no need for janitorial services. Managers can order the janitors to come around less often.

Less Waste, More Environment Conservation

When paper towels are cut out of bathrooms, fewer trees are cut down in forests and wasted for use. In addition, all bathrooms with hand dryers are free of maintenance. The janitors do not have to touch dirty towels, replace the dispensers or order new loads. As long as the power stays on in that building, the hand dryer continues working effectively.

Better Hygiene

Washing after using the toilet and drying after washing are common bathroom rituals. Dryers make it easier for people to dry their hands after washing. Drying by hot air is more effective at removing bacteria from the hands than wiping.

Also, few people will handle wet towels that have been used by others. These towels are breeding grounds for bacteria. However, someone may have to touch these towels in a sink and move them out of the way.

Hand dryers are efficient, modern devices that appear in many commercial settings. Parks, hotels, stores and restaurants have the dryers in the bathrooms. Dryers protect the environment by preventing people from using disposable towels. Companies save money by reducing the purchases of paper towels and cutting the need for janitorial services. In addition, dryers promote good hygiene practices by making it easier for people to clean their hands. Many people have attested to the efficiency of the washroom hand dryer. Because of its many benefits for people and businesses, this tool of modern technology is likely to stay in business and in the bathroom.