RV Buying and Camping Considerations in Greensboro, NC, During the Pandemic

The camping situation is unusual throughout the nation in 2020, with the pandemic leading some states and regions to close all campgrounds indefinitely. People who have been looking forward to buying one of the 5th wheel campers for sale in Greensboro, NC, may feel a bit hesitant right now. They aren’t sure how much camping they can do in the current circumstances. If everyone is careful about their shopping ventures, consumers can still buy an RV at this time.

A Cautious Reopening in North Carolina

RV dealers are following guidelines as North Carolina cautiously reopens. They will limit the number of customers at the dealerships and may ask to show RVs by appointment only. Virtual tours are available of 5th wheel campers for sale in Greensboro, NC. People who hardly wait to get started as soon as campgrounds are open again can begin their shopping today.

Keeping Informed About Open Campgrounds

Since this situation is likely to continue for many months to come, people who love camping will want to stay up to speed on which states and regions have opened their parks and campgrounds. For instance, as of May 2020, they won’t be able to camp in North Carolina unless they own land, they can park their RV on.

However, bordering states offer some opportunities. Virginia, for instance, opened its campgrounds statewide on May 21. South Carolina campgrounds have been open since early May. People who are eager to buy a 5th-wheel RV and head out on the road may start shopping at Out-Of-Doors Mart.

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