Roofing Companies in Littleton CO Suggest Poking Around After a Storm to Test the Integrity of the Roof

Observant homeowner’s are the ones who save thousands of dollars a year avoiding major reconstruction projects. They rarely fall into damage control mode because they observe the behavior of their home and watch out for the various symptoms. This is no more apparent than with a roof. Water is a hardy source of damage, and it’s seeping power is literally unrivaled. It can destroy a home as much as a setting fire to the inside. The roofing companies suggest keeping an eye out for leaks in the roof, and there is no better time to do this than in the immediate hours after a thunderstorm.

Attic Leakage Deterioration

Homeowner’s should first visit the attic for potential leaks. This is the first line of defense before water seeps deeper into the property. Often times, the roofing companies near Littleton CO can stop any further damage by stopping the entire effort at the attic. Observe for worn down flashing at the roof of the attic, or splintering wood that occurs along the edges of the planks. After a storm, the leak could be extremely slight. Specifically review the outer edge of the attic by the ceiling. Often times the water will downslide to the edges of the attic space.

A Musky Smell

An attic space is particularly open to having that thick-air musky smell. It can be suffocating, and it is often even more distinct after a storm. There are two reasons this is so. Firstly, the mold and mildew present in the attic has just been moisturized. It draws the smell through the attic and maybe even to the home below. Secondly, the rainfall is potentially leaking into the attic. The moisture as it evaporates provides that obvious smell. If the smell worsens in the aftermath of a storm, there is almost certainly a serious leak.

The distinct smell could indicate something as small as a misaligned shingle underlayment. It could also be more substantial, and holes could be present in the space to the roof. The attic is a great place to notice a potential roof leak. Contact Advocate Construction to get the leak stopped early, and to preserve the property.

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