Rhinoplasty in Dallas – From Pre to Post Surgery

A popular type of surgery performed by plastic and cosmetic surgeons on a routine basis is called rhinoplasty. Dallas residents can improve the shape, form, and structure of their nose through this procedure. It is designed to make specific changes to certain features of the nose structure which are considered either under undesirable or defective. In certain cases, the procedure can help the individual achieve more efficient breathing.

The surgery is sometimes used to correct injuries incurred at birth and other disfigurements or injuries by adjusting the nostrils and nose area. It is also used to reduce the size of the nose to certain degree

Pre Surgery

As a commonly used procedure in the United States, persons under the age of 13 or 14 or not recommended to have this procedure performed due to the continuing development of the nose that occurs at and prior to this age. Before moving forward with surgery, it is recommended that gain an understanding of the procedure and all of the various benefits and risks associated with the surgery.

The Procedure

A plastic surgeon using the open rhinoplasty procedure reshapes the nose by first dividing the nostril in two halves with a vertical strip. The surgeon gains a clear view of the nasal anatomy with this strip in place. Incisions may be applied inside the nose if minimal reshaping is required. Then, the skin may be removed from the bone and cartilage with the required removal, reshaping, and nose area enhancement performed.

The total time it takes to carry out the procedure is approximately 2 hours, with modifications to this time period occurring based on the actual tasks performed. The required alterations can be made after the surgeon applies the necessary incisions around the nose. Often, the skin of the nose is removed and later repositioned over the reshaped nose structure. A nasal splint may be used to stabilize the nose for a period of time until sufficient healing occurs.

Post Surgery

A rhinoplasty is designed to produce changes of the nose structure that modify the nose’s proportional appearance with respect to the entire face. A healing process is required after the procedure is finished. You may experience some bleeding and swelling after the surgery. As well, bruises may appear around the surgical area. The fully developed results of the surgery may not be completely evident until several months or potentially an entire year after the surgery.

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