Reviewing The Law With A Child Pornography Attorney In Athens, TN

In Tennessee, child pornography is an offense that encompasses a wide spectrum of related offenses. The crimes are not internet-based only and could lead to more individuals facing charges. During an investigation, law enforcement confiscates all electronic devices after obtaining a warrant and searches the defendant’s home and office. A local Child Pornography Attorney in Athens TN could explain the explicit details about the charges.

What Constitutes a Child Pornography Charge?

According to state laws, any images, videos, and internet-based transmissions depicting children naked and/or performing sexual acts are considered child pornography. The sale, distribution, or exhibition of any sexual content involving minor children is also considered child pornography. Live streaming of children performing sexual acts also falls under the classification.

How are Defendants Charged?

Criminal defendants facing child pornography charges are assigned a case for each instance in which they transmitted, produced, distributed, or sold child pornography. Essentially, if the crime were related to sending images online, the individual would be charged for each image they sent to another party.

Registering as a Sex Offender

Any individual who is charged with a sexually-based crime is required to register as a sex offender. Any time the individual moves to a new neighborhood, they must notify all neighbors and register in the new location. The registration requirement prevents the individual from living near schools, churches, and daycares in which child are present frequently.

Connecting Crimes Related to Child Pornography

Child pornography charges could also lead to child prostitution and/or child sex trafficking charges. The findings of the criminal investigation determine all charges applied to the defendant. Any parties connected to the defendant due to the evidence uncovered are also arrested and charged with the appropriate criminal offense.

When is the Offense a Federal Crime?

Child pornography is classified as a federal crime if the evidence crossed state lines. Once the defendant sends, transmits, distributes, or produces child pornography outside of their state of residence, it is a federal crime.

In Tennessee, child pornography involves images, video productions, live streaming, and electronic images of children. The classification doesn’t require the child to be involved in a sexual act in every case. Any nude images of minor children constitute the offense. Defendants who need the assistance of a Child Pornography Attorney in Athens TN are encouraged to contact Chancey-Kanavos or visit right now.

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