Restoring under floor ducts

Depending on the design of a building the ducts that carry hot and cool air throughout the interior spaces can either be suspended from the ceiling or imbedded in the concrete floor slab. There is very little difficulty in restoring air ducts that are visible, the problem comes when an under floor air duct restoration becomes necessary.

It is amazing just how many problems under floor ducts can experience. The bulk of the problems fall into two categories:

  • Functional problems such as rust, contamination and partial collapse

  • Environmental problems such as mold, insect infestation, flooding and asbestos contamination

Regardless of what causes the problem the results are similar; the air quality throughout the building is jeopardized and there is a potential problem with structural damage which can include slab cracks. There are two possible solutions; one is to abandon the under floor system and have all new overhead ducts or to undertake existing air duct restoration. Overhead systems are often impossible due to limited headroom and they are not as efficient as it is a well known fact that heat rises, hence one of the reasons why under floor ducts are popular.

HVAC duct liner:

Abandoning the existing system and installing an overhead system or having to tear into existing concrete floors is expensive and time consuming. Thanks to new techniques and materials it is now possible to line the inside of existing under floor ducts. The system is ideal; it eliminates rust, dirt and mold. Technicians first inspect the inside of the ducts using a video camera. Once the inspection has been completed the technicians are able to develop a “plan of attack” so to speak.

The next phase is to clean the ducts thoroughly. Once the ducts are free from dust, dirt and debris they are ready for the application of a spray on rubberized liner.

The liner is applied over two visits spaced about a week apart. There is no need for the homeowner to vacate during the work; the material used does not contain any harmful chemicals. The result is perfectly sealed air ducts that will be trouble free for many more years. For more information visit Duct Armor.

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