Restore Your Building With Masonry Construction In Wilmington DE

When a building is block, brick, or stone, it can be one of the most stable buildings available and will offer protection from fire damage, tornadoes, and other weather-related events. Although masonry buildings offer a great deal of protection, the masonry can deteriorate from rain, wind, and freeze and thaw cycles. When the wind and rain erode the building, Masonry construction in Wilmington, DE should be performed to protect the building from additional deterioration.

Masonry walls have a high thermal mass that can minimize heating and cooling loads within a building and other temperature swings. They also provide a sound barrier between the outside and the inside of a building for a quieter environment. Masonry is available in a variety of colors, styles, and textures, and are an investment that is worth restoring.

Restoration An Experienced Masonry Construction Company Can Perform

There are many services a restoration company can provide to protect and restore a building. These services include brick and stone pointing, repair and replacement, thru-wall flashing replacement, sealant removal, concrete patching and repair. In addition, they can also perform masonry stabilization, and rebuilding, masonry cleaning, coatings, waterproofing, foundation crack injection, and interior, and exterior below grade damp-proofing.

Historical Buildings

It’s important to preserve as much of the original material as possible in historical buildings. Bricks and mortar in historical buildings were made with very different materials than what is used today. In order to restore a historical building to the best condition possible, an experienced masonry repair company should be hired.

Masonry Cleaning

In addition to keeping a building looking great, masonry cleaning is necessary to keep pollution, dirt, grime, and insects from destroying it. Some masonry will require just soap and water. Other buildings might require a degreaser or power washing.


After cracks and flaws have been repaired in a building, the surface should be properly sealed by a company experienced in Masonry construction in Wilmington, DE. Waterproofing is necessary to preserve repairs that have been completed, and the masonry surface for years to come.

Full Masonry construction in Wilmington, DE should be performed to protect a building from deterioration. A masonry building should be regularly inspected for signs of damage. For more information about an experienced restoration of masonry, please visit the website.

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