Residential Septic Tank Repair Service in Findlay OH When Evidence of Leaks Appears

One of the most nerve-wracking occurrences for rural homeowners is evidence that an old septic tank system is leaking or that the drain field is no longer working as it should. They fear that the tank will need to be replaced or that the leach field has failed, in which case the property might be condemned until the problem is resolved. Technicians who perform Residential Septic Tank Repair Service in Findlay OH may be able to fix a leaking pipe or adjust components of the field so absorption and filtration is optimum again.

Cracks and Loose Joints

Household residents sometimes do things that cause sewer backups from septic tanks, such as overloading the system with tampons and other items that should not be flushed into the system at all. However, it is improbable that they do anything that could cause a crack in a pipe or tank, or loosening of pipe joints.

Hairline cracks pipes or the tank can be caused by normal ground shifts over time. The same is true for joints that do not stay tightly adhered. If tree roots seek out the water and fertilizer they sense in nearly microscopic leaks from those flaws, the roots invade the cracks and joints, worsening the situation. A drain field that is decades old may need some attention from a Residential Septic Tank Repair Service in Findlay OH to get it functioning properly again.

Preventing and Resolving Serious Problems

Having the tank pumped as recommended by a company such as Bluffton Aeration Services can prevent serious problems and system failure. The technicians view the state of the liquid in the tank when they first open the lid, which lets them know whether the residents are flushing feminine hygiene products or other objects that do not biodegrade.

After pumping, at least one technician climbs inside the tank to inspect it. They also evaluate the pipe connections to and from the tank. They can eliminate tree roots in these areas and make recommendations for other repairs that may be necessary for an old system. If the property owners have noticed symptoms of leach field problems, such as dampness or foul odors, evaluation of that major component will be done as well. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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