Residential Roofing Service in Waukesha WI: Replacing Your Existing Roof

When a homeowner contacts a residential roofing service in Waukesha, WI, they usually do so because their roof needs to be repaired. However, there are instances where the roof is beyond repair, and it needs to be replaced. In these cases, there are different options to ensure that the homeowner gets the right roof for their needs and their budget.

Roofing Material Options

The first thing that needs to be considered is whether the new roofing materials will be the same as the old materials. So often, when a person looks to replace their asphalt shingle roof, they’ll choose asphalt shingles for the new roof as well. However, if the homeowner is looking for something that is more durable and more decorative, there are a number of different options to choose from.

Metal Roofs

Today, a residential roofing service in Waukesha, WI gets a number of different requests for metal roofing materials. Metal roofs have become extremely trendy, but being trendy is only one of many benefits. One of the most beneficial aspects is how durable the roofing material is. If the roof is taken care of properly, it can last anywhere from 50 years to upwards to 100 years. In some instances, it may be the only roof at home will ever need.

Something Stronger and More Decorative

Another popular option, but one that is used less frequently, is stone or slate roof tiles. These types of tiles are extremely durable and beautiful, but there is a consideration that has to be made with this type of roofing material. Because these tiles are so heavy, not all roofs can support them. Either the roof has the proper support or extensive work will have to be done to increase the structural capacity of the roof decking and trussing to support the weight.

Whether you’re looking to replace old asphalt shingles with new ones, or you want to go with something more decorative and durable, the services found that a website like can be extremely beneficial. Not only can a new roof add utility and convenience to your home, but it may also be the decorative touch that the exterior of your home is lacking.

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